Blogs about walking the Vía de la Plata

In 2023 we've begun collecting a list of current and past blogs made by people who've walked or cycled the Vía de la Plata / Camino Sanabrés.

We're encouraging future pilgrims to create a blog rather than posting on Facebook. Why? Posting live from the Camino on Facebook is all very well for the people who happen to be on Facebook on that day and who see your post. However there are disadvantages, the fact that someone sees one of your posts doesn’t guarantee they’ll every see any of your other posts, so following somebody's journey is complicated, whereas it should be straightforward. Furthermore, all of your posts quickly disappear into the morass that is Facebook and finding it afterwards is often impossible.

Because of this we have begun directing Live from the Camino posts to a blogging platform outside Facebook and encouraging people to create a blog there rather than posting to Facebook. We will post a weekly summary of links on the Facebook Group to the blogs of anyone who’s currently walking. This should solve the problems described above, someone looking at your blog entry will be able to see that you’ve posted a whole series of entries and that they’re easily accessible in chronologically order. Also, these blogs are preserved for the future and can be linked to easily.

Blogging platforms which other pilgrims have used are (all allow text and photo and video uploads):

Ivar's Camino Forum: with long years of dedication to the Camino community Ivar's forum has to top every list of Camino websites. Tag your post LIVE FROM THE CAMINO.

Wordpress: It's been around for a long time and many pilgrims have used it with positive results. Their free version is perfectly adaquate but their paid offers start off quite cheap with the advantage of no advertising.

Blogspot or Blogger: Also used by many people. A free offering from Google.

Find Penguins: A fairly new platform from a German start-up which is aimed at travellers. It shows your route on a map as well as the other usual stuff. A nice feature is that you can order a printed book based on your blog.

Polar Steps: Also recommended by someone. Looks very professional but to be honest I know nothing about it. If anyone has used it and would like to give some feedback please get in touch.



Marion left Seville in early March

Eric left Seville in late February.

January / February

Kristina starting 6 February.

Mikel Olivares

Karin Van Bokhoven


Richard Kirsch

Tom Conklin, not a blog but an interesting account.


Jay walking solo. I met Jay someplace between Cáceres and Salamanca.


A Life on the Way


Katy’s cycling in Spain


Sharon Brown

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