Privacy policy

The Euopean Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR came into force in May 2018. It applies to all organisations which store or process information about EU residents. More information about GDPR is available from Wikipedia.

The GDPR requires us to make the following disclosure.

The Camino Guide is based in Ireland and its website and database are hosted in Germany on the Digitalocean cloud hosting service. Digitalocean is compliant with the GDPR and their Data Processing Agreement can be viewed here.

When you request a copy of our free guide we store your email address, your name and any comment you entered. You're also given the option to opt in to receive occasional emails from us. If you choose to opt in we will keep your email address until such a time as you choose to unsubscribe. Every email you get from us will have an UNSUBSCRIBE link. At least once a year we will delete the contact details of people who do not request to receive updates. When you subsequently download the free guide we store the date and time that you downloaded.

When you make a donation we also store your email address and name. We do not store any financial information about you or your method of payment - that's all handled by Stripe. When you subsequently download the full guide we store the date and time that you downloaded and a count of the number of time that you've downloaded.

When someone opens a page on our website their IP address (an address which identifies their location on the internet) is stored. This is to monitor the source of visits to our website. We have no way of linking an IP address to an individual.


This website uses cookies for two things:

  1. Ironically enough, to control whether the cookie warning is displayed on the front page.
  2. To direct you to products on Amazon's websites, this earns us a commission on anything you buy on Amazon after being directed there from this website.
  3. To provide links to When you book through a link from our website we also earn a commission (at the time of your stay, rather than the actual booking).
  4. To provide Stripe's donation button.

If you'd like to know more about cookies, how they work and how to prevent them knowing everything about you, here's a couple of articles Free Tools to Keep Those Creepy Online Ads From Watching You and Foiling Electronic Snoops in Email.

Another good resource is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in the US dedicated to protecting free speech and privacy on the internet.

However you pronounce it, privacy is important.

That's why gives the following guarantee:

  • We will never contact you without your permission.
  • We will never give or sell your contact details to a third party.
  • If you choose not to be on our updates mailing list all your details will be deleted from out database during one of our periodic purges.

Your rights

You have a right to request a copy of any data we store about you. Please email us from our Contact Page if you would like to avail of this right.

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